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Azulejo Window Rotation

I implemented window rotation on azulejo. This is something that doesn’t come with Winsplit Revoltion, but anyone who used a tilling window manager will be familiar with it.
Azulejo does not maintain a layout (sometimes called algorithm or tilling mode mode) so I had to resource to a bit of improvisation.

To rotate windows’ positions press SUPER+R,  visible windows will rotate their position, but not all of them! That would be way overkill and counter-productive if you would happen to have more than a handful of windows open  on your desktop. Only the top windows will rotate, as many as the amount of windows included in the last layout you used. So, if you press for example SUPER+4, next time you press SUPER+R,  the last four active windows will rotate their position.  If you have less than four windows open, then all of them will rotate.

I’ve only got the chance to test this on gnome. Unfortunately I haven’t find a workaround to two really annoying bugs yet.

Download latest usable version here.

To try out this new feature you need to delete your .azulejorc.js file which is located on the root of your home folder. Once azulejo is executed again it will generate an updated version of it.

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