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Introducing Azulejo – User friendly window tiling

Since my first contact with WNCK library, I’ve been willing to put together a proper solution for all my window tiling needs. After a bit of research I put together bunch of cool pieces of software and glue them together with python.
The result: a tinny application – less than 200 LoC so far – that runs on the background and listens to some defined keyboard shortcuts. Once such a keybind is pressed, it performs some user defined tilling operations.

This is still extremely experimental, yet usable. I tested it on gnome and fluxbox, appears to be working on both without any major problem. The project is hosted at bitbucket, you can   download the latest usable release here.


Run, it will bind the following keyboard shortcuts globally:

Super+2 – Tile last two windows side by side
Super+3 – Tile last three windows
Super+4 - two by two window tile
Super+h – move current window to the left half of the screen
Super+k - move current window to the right half of the screen

Please note, due to a bug, you might need to run twice the first time you use it.

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6 Responses to “Introducing Azulejo – User friendly window tiling”

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  3. Marth Says:

    Hmm — Lubuntu 12.04 here, it doesn’t work — ?? The package comes up in GDebi listed as UNKNOWN and it refuses to install it. Any thoughts? Thanks….

  4. admin Says:

    Hey Marth, looks like the package has become outdated.

    You can grab the source from github and simply run it.

    It only depends on python-wnck and python-keybinder packages which you can find on ubuntu’s repos.

  5. S4nshi Says:

    Hi Pedro,

    just downloaded Azulejo from Github and installed it by running “sudo python install”. It works like a charm on my Xubuntu 12.10. Thank you for sharing!!

    Just to let you know, since the manual doesn’t mention it: I had to install the python-setuptools package in order to install Azulejo.

    For anybody who wants to start Azulejo automatically at login under XFCE, install it first, then open “Settings->Session and Startup” and just create a new application with command “azulejo”. Logout, login, done! :)

    Great work, Pedro!


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